Interesting sites

SWEMARC: the Swedish mariculture research center

One of the 6 UGOT Challenges research center at the University of Gothenburg. A six years (2016-2022) multi- and trans-disciplinary initiative aiming and developing and promoting sustainable aquaculture in Sweden, from which I am a proud member.


Premium salmonid farm in Kungshamn and our partner within SWEMARC (Sweden)


Spotted wolffish farm in Bodø (Norway)


Documentary form Pieter-Rim and Maarten de Kroon (Windmill film production)

Help with the setting up at the aquarium facilities in Nijmegen and video appearance.


(In Dutch with English subtitles)

African catfish in RAS

Commercial farm where we got our catfish for our experiments in 2009-2012, Fleuren & Nooijen bv (The Netherlands)


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