Interesting sites

Wolffish research at Gothenburg University

Two mini-movie presenting the Atlantic wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) research at Gothenburg University: the daily care routine and underwater feeding sessions. Shot in December 2017, soundtracks made of royalty-free music, cc under attribution licenses; Remember the trees? By Chris Zabriskie. Album: Music from Neptune Flux; Water in the creek by Josh Woodward, album: The Wake.



Spotted wolffish farm in Bodø (Norway)


Documentary form Pieter-Rim and Maarten de Kroon (Windmill film production)

Help with the setting up at the aquarium facilities in Nijmegen and video appearance.


(In Dutch with English subtitles)

Crab catching

Here is the technique to catch the crabs for my experiment. These crab, Neosarmatium meinerti eat mangrove leaves, you have to position yourself quietly behind a burrow, keep still with a trowel ready, throw leaves, the sound will attract them. Be quick enough to close the entrance of the burrow and collect the crab. I recommend using a neoprene glove to avoid pinching.

*the soundtrack is made with royalties-free music.

African catfish in RAS

Commercial farm where we got our catfish for our experiments in 2009-2012, Fleuren & Nooijen bv (The Netherlands)

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